What is sqill?

The video app for sports talent, disrupting how athletes are showcased and discovered through sqills and artificial intelligence


To increase global quality level of sports by making sure all talented people had their opportunity of reaching their potential

...and what are sqills?

Short-form videos (max. 15 seconds long) to showcase a specific game moment. It can be a pass, a shot, a dribble,… and is characterized accordingly.


sqill was born in the streets of Mumbai. On one side of the road, dozens of indians queuing to get an autograph from Deco, the football player. On the other side, highly talented kids playing cricket, barefoot. We realized on that moment, something that is more or less common sense: sport in its broadest sense is, today, a totally globalized industry whereas the sports talent market is still very local, being almost impossible for secondary league athletes to showcase globally