CF Estrela da Amadora – client use case

sqill team
sqill team
June 22, 2023

A first class Estrela

14 years and CF Estrela de Amadora is back to the Portuguese 1st Division after one of the most exciting matches of the last decade in Portuguese football. The historic Portuguese Club is a successful example of proper sports management in the modern era: anchored on their big bet on innovation and by refusing to remain stagnant, the Club achieved significant success at the sporting level (Estrela played the 3rd National Division in 2021 and secured 2 promotions in 3 years.)

The recent announcement of Patrice Evra as one of its investors is just another sign of how CF Estrela da Amadora is aiming to position itself: as a top media and entertainment brand that wins on and off the field.

We are extremely happy to represent a small part on this quest. Estrela has been one of sqill’s first clients and we are thankful for their innovative spirit since day one.

Estrela’s marketing team has been instrumental helping us establish our content creation platform. Over the past year, our teams have had weekly calls dedicated to user research and product development.

“I cannot cover a game on social media without sqill anymore” – Pedro Silveira, Estrela’s digital manager. Let’s dive into their use case.

Instagram followers increased 65%… in one season.

Estrela’s engagement has never been so high: this season alone, the number of Instagram followers in the Club’s official account has increased by 65%. This achievement is the direct result of the incredible efforts of the entire Estrela marketing team during this epic year for the Club. With sqill in their pocket, Estrela’s social media managers guarantee content that is always on-brand, while enjoying innovative advanced features for mobile (video editing tools, automatic captions, etc.) to ultimately create captivating and engaging content, tailored to each social media platform and its newest, hottest and everchanging trends.

A life with (almost) no stress and plenty of content

sqill allows Pedro and the rest of the social media team to create more content, faster and without all the stress inherent to live coverages. In the weekend that sealed their comeback to the 1st division, more than 50 posts and stories were created through sqill.

To support the Club through the decisive play-off games of the season, Estrela wanted to involve their community digitally. For the purpose, they created the slogan “Acredita, Estrela” (Believe, Estrela) and asked their fan community to create home videos giving an extra push to the team. In addition, through sqill, Estrela created Instagram AR filters for their fans to get the most out of user-generated content. These filters were an amazing success among Estrela fans with around seven thoushand creations and over 60% of their followers having at least tried.

Using sqill on a gameday was revolutionary for the team: 1) it removed the need to use a pc in gamedays so that everyone could be where the action really is, and 2) it increased significantly the number of posts and stories created. Before sqill, there was even content that was not being produced due to the time it took to do it – an example is the substitution template:

Before sqill, total time: 7 minutes
Run to the closest computer – Open Adobe Photoshop – Edit – Save file – Send to phone – Post on Instagram – Run back to the action

With sqill, total time: 50 seconds

CF Estrela Amadora – creating a post to communicate a substitution

“I highly recommend sqill to any other club that may read this. 10/10. With sqill, social media posts are produced faster and more easily, freeing-up time to the whole communication team for other important tasks and drastically diminishing the need to use PC. sqill allowed Estrela da Amadora to communicate on gameday at the same level as the best clubs and, during the week, gave us the ability to answer in real-time to last-minute challenges.” – Pedro S., CF Estrela Amadora Digital Manager

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