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April 7, 2022
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Who hasn’t dreamt about a career as a professional athlete?

For many young people, sport is an essential part of life. Alongside school, it’s where we learn to collaborate and understand the values of teamwork, resilience, and companionship that will forever be part of our personality. Many of us won’t manage to get to the pro level, but rarely do sports become something small in our lives.

We all know details matter. Perhaps with access to extra tools and resources, more athletes could go further in their careers. Video is one of those resources – normally associated with social media, but its prospects are far from being limited to it.

sqill offers video editing tools focused on sports. Our product attracted many young athletes with a proactive mindset and many different motivations to use video in their careers. Two of those athletes became our “champions”, editing more videos than everyone else on the platform. We contacted them to understand why. 

Sport Scholarships

They’re an ever more popular trend every year, and it is allowing young athletes to combine their sports (from tennis to golf, including football and volleyball) with an educational path of excellence. 

That is Margarida Cidade’s plan. She started playing volleyball in the Leixoes Sport Club when she was 5, and is now targeting a sports scholarship for a Master’s Degree in the United States. To substantiate her value as an athlete, she is preparing a series of videos of her performances. She explained that sqill is an agile tool that allows her to easily edit her videos.

Source: https://app.heysqill.com/player/5408a76c

Double “life”

Other athletes are focusing on further professional or educational plans, but want to stay connected to their sport.

Leonardo Monteiro has been a basketballer since he was 9, currently playing at Guifões. He enjoys editing and sharing videos on his social media, which reveal his value and passion for basketball. Don’t just take my word about his great 3PT shot – check out his profile!

Source: https://app.heysqill.com/player/11c3dddb

Video = Opportunities

Video is a crucial tool for every type of athlete: from the “Sunday League” player that wants to immortalize a great goal (we all have that friend that never lets us forget about that incredible shot they made during recess in 2007), to the professional preparing Highlights to attract scouts and coaches when looking for the next step in their career.

Video means opportunities, and you definitely shouldn’t waste opportunities.