The first rule of Social Media is…

sqill team
sqill team
April 19, 2022
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You don’t talk about Soc…. well, let’s not go there – there’s a “sea” of rules. One can even argue that working in Social Media is more complex than Fight Club (we are pretty sure it is).

Let´s focus on our subject: Sport organizations and Social Media

Facing ever more pressure to get on the “Social Media” train, teams are compelled to innovate in their strategies to satisfy the needs of fans on multiple channels.

Time & Resources

Social media professionals constantly face that old economy’s class dilemma: limited resources for endless needs.

If you search for your football club (or your favorite athlete from any sport), you’ll most certainly find their presence on multiple platforms – Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Linkedin, Snapchat, Twitter, etc.

Preparing specific content, having in mind different voices and tones for each channel, is a very challenging task, even more so when only one person in the organization is handling these tasks.

On top of these constraints, there is the issue of the tools available and how they match the in-house expertise.

Have you ever thought: “Social media is easy”? 

If your answer is yes – maybe you are doing it wrong. A social media professional needs time to think and reflect on a series of items: contents, audience, timings, tones, analytics, etc.

There is also a constant need to be up-to-date on the new trends. Tiktok appeared, and social media managers everywhere had to become TikTok specialists. This new channel made the video even more important to “catch” younger audiences.

This new wave of content changed how other channels such as Facebook and Instagram work – and once again, the social media toolkit had to be adapted.

Is Tiktok on your to-do list?

sqill’s video editor allows any social media professional to quickly prepare multiple videos to post on TikTok (or Instagram Reels), with templates customized to their colors, symbols, and sponsors.

We also offer a set of other functionalities that make it easier to edit and transform your content being the “crown jewel” – our dynamic zoom (if you are intrigued, just contact us).

We want to be the video partner for every social media manager in sports. Visit our website for more proposals:, or contact our growth manager for more details on our services: